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In District Placement

In District Placement

In District Placement

Enhancing Opportunities for Student Success in the Public School Setting

In-District Placement (IDP) programs have evolved into a vital component of public-school districts, catering to students with diverse learning needs within the familiarity of their local schools. In collaboration with districts, Rivermont provides classrooms through our In-District Placement program, a service tailored to students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, behavioral challenges, or emotional disabilities. These students receive additional support beyond the general education classroom but within the inclusive framework of a public-school environment and in the least restrictive setting.

Whether a district opts for solo participation in the IDP program or chooses to form a consortium, the approach involves harnessing existing district resources and forging strategic partnerships. This approach empowers districts to deliver high-quality services while optimizing resource allocation. Moreover, this program offers cost-effective solutions for meeting students' needs within the district, with the added advantage of enhancing the capacity of existing staff and school leaders.

In District Placement

Understanding In-District Placement

The In-District Placement program delivers a curriculum aligned with state standards, complemented by therapeutic support services, to students with special needs in their local schools. This program champions inclusive education, fostering an environment where students can learn alongside their peers while receiving personalized support tailored to their specific requirements. In collaboration with our partners, the public school district allocates classroom space, and our staff seamlessly integrates into these classrooms to provide both educational and clinical services to students, all with the ultimate aim of facilitating their reintegration with their general education peers.

We maintain close collaboration with school administration and teachers to ensure a seamless and continuous program experience for the students. The steadfast dedication to In-District Placement programs reflects a steadfast commitment to inclusivity and the success of each student within the district's compassionate care.


Academic Achievement and Social and Emotional Development

In-District Placement (IDP) empowers students to engage in grade-level curriculum while benefiting from specialized support within the least restrictive environment. This inclusive setting not only cultivates academic advancement but also nurtures peer relationships, ultimately enhancing overall educational and behavioral outcomes. Within the framework of In-District Placement, students receive tiered levels of support, including guidance from a licensed special education teacher, two dedicated support staff members, and a floating Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). This dedicated team collaboratively equips students with both academic curriculum and therapeutic assistance, providing them with essential tools for success in a general education classroom setting. Through this program, students gain valuable skills in behavior management, positioning them for success within a general education classroom setting.

Academic Achivement And Social Emotional
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Family Engagement

By strengthening the bond between families and their local schools, the In-District Placement (IDP) program empowers parents and caregivers to become actively engaged in their child's educational journey. This collaborative approach enables them to work closely with educators and actively participate in decision-making processes, all while benefiting from the guidance of Rivermont's expert and specially trained staff.

Furthermore, families experience the advantage of continuity in their daily routines and familiar settings. They can rest assured that their child or young adult is diligently working towards achieving each goal outlined in their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Simultaneously, the program equips students with critical academic knowledge, social skills, and life skills, all of which contribute to their academic and overall life success.

Teacher Support

The In-District Placement program offers valuable support to public school staff, especially those who may lack the necessary resources, expertise, skills, or capacity to effectively educate and assist students with more severe needs and challenging behaviors. Bridging the resource gap, the IDP program deploys a qualified special education teacher, two dedicated support staff members, and a flexible Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) to provide direct and immediate assistance within the school environment.

This approach serves to alleviate feelings of burnout and frustration among staff who may not be fully equipped to support students with special education needs, ultimately enhancing the overall educational experience for all students.

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