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Educational Services

Educational Services

Educational Services

Rivermont Schools offers a nurturing educational setting designed to cater to students facing social, emotional, educational, and behavioral challenges. We instruct all of our students with the Virginia Department of Education's Standards of Learning (SOLs) and the Virginia Essentialized Standards of Learning (VESOLs) for students with significant cognitive disabilities.

Within our institution, students collaborate with a diverse team of professionals, including Special Education Teachers, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Behavior Analysts, Counselors, and Support Staff, to implement comprehensive social, behavioral, and academic support strategies.

We firmly hold the belief that every student is unique, particularly in their learning styles. Consequently, we tailor our teaching methods to align with each student's individual learning preferences, a principle that is evident in our curriculum design.

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Key components of our unique environment vary from each location but include:

  • Small classroom sizes
  • STEAM labs
  • Interactive lessons, discovery learning
  • Integration of technology into lessons and activities
  • Natural Environment Teaching spaces
  • Multi-sensory environments

We carry out individualized learning through:

  • Individual, small group and whole-class instruction
  • Related services push into the classroom
  • Instructional scaffolding
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Direct instruction
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Autism Support

We employ a curriculum that adheres to established standards and incorporates various academic methodologies, such as intensive teaching and direct instruction. In Autism Support placements, students additionally benefit from integrated social skills instruction throughout their academic day.

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Emotional Support

In our Emotional Support classroom, students are provided with individual, small group, and whole group instruction based on the curriculum that aligns with established standards. The Social Emotional Learning curriculum is seamlessly integrated into lesson plans, with educators and counselors delivering instruction within the students' natural environment.

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Educational Services Transition Program

Transition Program

Transition assessment and programming are vital components to ensure a smooth transition from an educational setting into adulthood. This process begins at the age of 14 and persists until students either graduate or leave the school system.

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Related Services

Within our academic programs, we provide related services, such as Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy, seamlessly integrated into the school day as a part of our multi-disciplinary team. These therapists and assistants may be either members of our school staff or additional resources from external agencies. Students may receive either individual or group therapy services, determined through careful observation and formal assessments. Our therapists combine the traditional pullout therapy model with classroom-based interventions to enhance learning in a natural environment.

About IDP and IDC

Special education classrooms embedded into the public-school setting led by Rivermont team members adding capacity, expertise, and wrap around support within your schools.

Customized and targeted consultative services including assessment, strategic planning, in school and in classroom supports designed to strengthen the quality of special education services in schools, provide added capacity and knowledge to staff, and contributing to small and large-scale improvements across the district.

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