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Happy Virginia Principals Appreciation Week


Happy Virginia Principals Appreciation Week

Posted: January 16, 2024 | Written By: Sharmin Hossain | Category:

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A message to our GREAT Rivermont School Principals from Beth Ackerman, Senior Vice President at Rivermont Schools…  

First of all, I… 






as it’s the first day of Principal’s Appreciation Week. How do I begin to say everything that needs to be said for leaders who are out and about in their schools and not sitting at a computer all day?! Or principals and assistant principals who are in the classroom covering for teachers who are out?!  Leaders who may not even have time for that much needed lunch break?!  So, I’ll say it as quick and simple as I can with another Acronym from Ackerman. 

I’ve so enjoyed the book study we are doing together on “What Great Principals Do Differently”. The main thing I’ve learned from our time together is - YOU are what makes a GREAT Principal! 

Every day, each of you are -   

Giving in your resources of time and energy. 

Relatable to your students, staff, parents, community, and all of us. 

Enthusiastic in facing each day and challenge.   

Attitude of Gratitude is how you face each day with this enthusiasm. 

Together is how you work to Elevate Excellence in inspiring this in your team work to do it Better Together.   

As we Elevate Excellence, I am humbled to know with certainty that we do it Better Together with our GREAT (Giving, Relatable, Enthusiastic, Attitude, Together) school leaders. Thank you for all that you do!!