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Meet De’Von Hargrove: Amazing Dancer


Meet De’Von Hargrove: Amazing Dancer

Posted: April 19, 2024 | Written By: Sharmin Hossain | Category:

De’Von Hargrove

Celebrate Autism Awareness & Acceptance Month all April long with us by getting to know our students! Read more about De’Von Hargrove, a post-graduate student from the Lynchburg North campus that loves to learn and stay active! 

Hobbies: Ice Hockey 

Siblings: Has one brother 

Favorite Subject: Math and science 

Currently learning: Brainpop, animals, and more! 

Interesting Fact: In music class, De’Von loves to dance. His teachers say he is a really good dancer!  

Future Plans: After he leaves school, he wants to get a job at Walmart  

Big Wins: De’von is proud of himself and his teachers for always supporting him