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Meet James Harvey: Family Man


Meet James Harvey: Family Man

Posted: April 29, 2024 | Written By: Sharmin Hossain | Category:

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Celebrate Autism Awareness & Acceptance Month all April long with us by getting to know our students! Read more about James Harvey, a 6th grade student from our Lynchburg North campus who feels passionate about his family and loves to learn!  

Hobbies: Playing basketball 

Loves: "I love my mom and dad!” 

Siblings: One brother that is 15 years old! 

Favorite Subject: Math 

Currently learning: He is learning fractions and division in math. He thinks it is easy!  

Interesting Fact: He is confident with himself and likes to use his phone 

Future Plans: He wants to go to Wendy’s on his birthday on November 22nd  

Big Wins: He is proud of his mom and dad for helping him and feeding him