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Celebrating Rivermont Schools Staff at Annual Virginia Leadership Retreat

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Celebrating Rivermont Schools Staff at Annual Virginia Leadership Retreat

Staff members from Rivermont Schools’ 15 campuses gathered at Boar’s Head Resort in Charlottesville, Virginia on June 22 to honor the work of five team members who have consistently demonstrated excellence and commitment to the well-being and education of their students.  

The awards presented at the Rivermont Schools Annual Virginia Leadership Retreat and their recipients are as follows: 

Samara St. Claire from the Your Life ABA clinic at the Roanoke campus was awarded Clinician of the Year. In presenting the award, staff members said, "Your hard work does not go unnoticed and the difference you make in the lives of our clients and families is remarkable." 

Courtney Hairston from the Rivermont Danville campus was awarded Mental Health Associate of the Year. Staff members from his school boasted about his integral role as a “natural leader to his colleagues and students” and how he also played a “major role in ensuring the safety of our staff and students during a serious incident that resulted in a school lockdown. If not for his swift thinking, things could have been worse.”  

Hannah Yasemsky from the Rivermont Hampton campus was awarded Teacher of the Year. Her team was very excited to nominate her for this award because of her “passion, creativity, love and commitment to her students.” 

Ruth Herron from the Rivermont Roanoke Southeast campus was awarded Administrative Support Staff of the Year. Staff members say that “she is such a vital part of our program. She does way more than what's included in her job description. There are so many kids who have found success within our program because of Miss Ruth and her efforts. She is a wonderful resource for our parents to get connected to different resources in our community.” Her team goes on to say that “she is so loving, caring, and humble. She will go the extra mile to ensure that families get the support they need. She is also an exceptional support for everyone here at Southeast.” 

Tiffany Harris, Principal of the Rivermont Lynchburg South campus, was awarded Administrator of the Year. Her team is proud to say she “stepped into the role of principal fabulously. She is supportive, she is unafraid to step in where and when she is needed. She is professional and efficient. She is fun while also maintaining high expectations for our students, our staff and our school as a whole.”  

“These award winners are the best of our already passionate and dedicated teams,” said Beth Ackerman, Virginia Senior Vice President of Operations. “I am always humbled by the nominations and inspirational videos from our staff and students in hearing how much these exemplary employees give to their work, colleagues, and students.”  

Congratulations to our award recipients and thank you for all that you do for our schools and students. We are excited to see what more you can accomplish this upcoming fall semester.